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Okay, let me try to clarify.

Julia;40933 wrote: I would love to know where you get your information from.

From science class. From university. From Wikipedia. From reading research papers; this includes chemical research papers, biological research papers, and – how do you say – “utility” research papers. By the latter I mean: research papers into how to best purify our drinking water.

Julia;40933 wrote: First you say it causes cancer…


Julia;40933 wrote: then you say it breaks down into water and oxygen…


Julia;40933 wrote: then you say it is in YOUR drinking water and safe for livestock etc…


It is added to the water. But it decomposes, temporarily creating free radicals in the process.

It is the free radicals that kill micro-organisms and thus purify the water.
It is the free radicals that make hydrogen peroxide a carcinogen if ingested.
It is the decomposition that causes the hydrogen peroxide to disappear.

So: it is added to the water. There it decomposes. The free radicals kill all micro-organisms. After a while, the hydrogen peroxide is no longer present in the water. Only then is the water safe to drink.

Julia;40933 wrote: So for everyone here wanting to add it to their drinking water you are telling them what? It is safe? or cancer causing?

It may cause cancer if you immediately drink the water, thus ingesting hydrogen peroxide.
It is perfectly safe if you wait for a while before drinking the water. Because if you wait, the hydrogen peroxide will have decomposed. You will then be drinking water without hydrogen peroxide – and without micro-organisms.

Julia;40933 wrote: Because i can not wrap my head around the idea of water and oxygen breaking down to cause cancer. Two life sustaining substances…You are making something very simple and beneficial into a very very complicated, ignorant mess.

It’s not me doing this, it’s the chemistry of water, oxygen en hydrogen peroxide. Please don’t shoot the messenger…

Are you old enough to remember the old laser printers, which produced ozone? You could smell the ozone in the neighborhood of those printers. The ozone was irritating to nose and eyes. And it turned out to be carcinogenic, so now laser printers have to be equipped with ozone filters.

Yet, chemically, ozone decomposes into oxygen. Life-sustaining oxygen. Is that a mess, as you call it? Maybe. Anyway, it’s chemistry.

I can provide more examples if you like. Like how to convert vitamin C, a beneficial substance, into toluene, a strong carcinogen. Or the other way around.

Julia;40933 wrote: It is all around us…all the time…and without it we would not survive…so adding a little extra to your system doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me…

Adding water and oxygen is no problem, indeed. That’s why we can safely use hydrogen peroxide to purify water – that is, IF we wait long enough for the hydrogen peroxide to decompose. If we wait long enough, we will only have added water and oxygen, no problem. If we do not wait long enough, we will have ingested a chemical that produces powerful free radicals before falling apart into water and oxygen. It’s those intermediate products that are so dangerous. Not the starting product in itself, and certainly not the end products.