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About 5 weeks ago had bad cold, cough.i never had a fever just coughing. Finally went to doctors office. I should say I had no fever but feel hot. Thinking hot flashes…45 years old. When I went to dr I couldnt see him saw nurse practitioner. Said I had high bp. Top number was 150.s looked good on x ray. I normally eat healthy..not so different from diet but pasta and rice too. I was given antibiotics and a pill
For coughing. I started not feeling so worn down and coughing subsided. Last saturday I completely lost all my taste but could tell I was loosing it earlier on. Then I started craving junk. Sure m&m.s,cheetos,a whole can of pineapple, olives, pickels,marshmellows…felt more like I w as pregnant. Woke up at night sore tongue. Sunday I woke up and felt like I couldnt breath. Dry mouth,bad…i came up to loo, in throat and was covered with white spots. Went to real doctor he said thrush…said white blood cell count was high and what I had was viral.not.bacterial. Shouldnt have taken med….ugh. Nothing about diet