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Reply to ‘I have a gut feeling’, i had my doctor test me for the following at Quest Diagnostics. Not sure if this is helpful to anyone but here you go…

-Candida Albicans AB ([h]IGG past, IGA past, IGM current[/h])- i had a doctor test me for just IGG/IGA and was too green to realize he needed to test me for [h]IGM[/h]. Finally an integrative/hollistic dr tested me for all 3 and showed yeast.
-Immunoglobulin A, G, M
-Helicobacter Pylori Antibody (IGG)
-Helicobacter Pylori Antibody (IGA)
-Helicobacter Pylori Antibody (IGM)
-Homocysteine, Cardiovascular
-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (kidney, electrolytes, liver enzymes
-Vitamin D
-T4, Free(Thyroid)
-T3, Free (Thyroid)
-Cortisol (Adrenals which usually are not working when Thyroid is not working)
-Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies
-Fibrinogen Activity (Clotting)
-Sed Rate by Modified Westergren (inflammation)
-Cell Blood Count
-Ferritin (Iron stored in liver)
-Vitamin B12
-C-Reactive Protein (Inflammation)

I was diagnosed to have hypothyroid, since taking Armour 60mg, my fatigue is 90% better! My cortisol was off, but did a saliva test to verify, if it’s incorrect then I’ll take medicine to fix. Dr said that after 3 months, I’ll re-test and potentially be able to stop the medicine. I’m on ‘candicital’ which is just oregano oil, lemongrass, is helping my yeast patch/rash on my arm to go away. My results showed that I had signs of high candida in blood but it was .9 which is negative however, 1 or greater is positive. Dr was not comfortable with me going back to eating sugar. So she gave me a protocol of doing the candida diet for 3 months but said she wants me to have a little sugar to slowly ease it back in. So I’m doing brown rice 1x per week and 1/2 a pear every few days… very slow. She said I could have a little plain vodka with cranberry but I don’t want to risk going backwards!! I’ve come too far over the last few months.

As for die-off, It’s getting farther and fewer between the days- when I feel bad, I go get a colonic and it’s helped TREMENDOUSLY. Also, dry sauna and skin brushing, and hot baths to sweat it out. God this has been a living hell with this. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope my story helps anyone else out there. I happy to help!