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Thanks for the advice Raster. I will focus on getting a variety of vegetables, and I’ll look into fermented cod liver oil.

This is my 2nd try on the diet, and this time around my digestion is doing better. My stools have more consistentcy and I have 1-2 a day, sometimes a 3rd.

The good – My skin is clearing up by the day. My symptoms like panic attacks and various infections are subsiding, albiet very slowly. My stomach never hurts since I started the diet. My feet are not tingling anymore. The brain fog lifts ever so slowly. The best feeling I have to remind myself of is that I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The bad – I still have anxiety & depression real bad, with some okay days and some bad days. I have running thoughts that I’m challenged with overcoming right now, as I’m in the middle of getting a divorce, unfortunately. Nothing like moving out of my house, losing a life partner, and giving up every coping mechanisms like exercising and partying with friends while I try to overcome this dreadful disease.

I’m focusing on the short term right now. Which is this diet & my mental health.

I’m interested in the accupuncture. How often would I need to go? My insurance does not cover it, but I get a 20% discount.