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Sounds pretty good in general. I like to promote eating salads and feel that getting a variety of veggies even in small amounts is a good way to go. I’d also consider cutting out vitamins A and D and replacing with fermented cod liver oil which has natural ratios of vitamins A and D (as well as prebiotic properties). If you cannot afford fermented cod liver oil I would get regular cod liver oil which also has anti-inflammatory properties. You need to reduce the inflammation in order to get better and I highly recommend it.


1. ACV: Be sure to get RAW organic ACV and not the regular distilled stuff at the store. Big difference; just add it in with your other antifungals with meals or between meals, its flexible when you take it.

2. Stevia: Buy online or store or grow it yourself. You can get a stevia plant and grow it in your yard if you wanted. Just add it to whatever foods you want to sweeten, its a sweetener.

3. Ghee: Buy at the store and use with food.

4: Coconut mana: aka coconut oil (right?) Eat teaspoons of it a day and buy at the store.

I’d consider taking the bedtime stuff earlier in the day or atleast the yucca, ashwanganda, and 5htp.

My question for you: How are you feeling and are you making progress?