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Angel, community acupuncture is a large dark room with several patients getting treatment at the same time. There is ambient music and everyone is respectful and quiet. Some fall asleep, i do sometimes, so i bring headphones just in case. You stay as long as you like. I only leave if im dying to pee or starving…usually 1 1/2hrs….

“We recommend regular frequent treatments. Acupuncture is most effective when done frequently. In China it’s not uncommon for a patient to receive treatment daily until symptoms are alleviated. But in the U.S., where a private acupuncture treatment typically costs $65-$150, only a wealthy few can afford this. Community acupuncture on a sliding scale allows you to come as frequently as you need.

We treat in a group setting. The community acupuncture model gets back to the roots of how acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years – in a group setting. Patients lie in comfortable recliners, fully clothed, in a quiet, soothing community room. There is a beauty to a group setting. Have you ever felt the power of being in a group? In church? In a yoga class? At a high school football game? Group energy is inspiring, and group healing energy will inspire you to get better faster.

We believe in being part of the community. Every patient receives the same level of high quality care. An affordable acupuncture clinic means that more people have the choice to use acupuncture for health care, ultimately building a stronger and healthier community.”

Cant wait to try these mindfulness apps!!