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I can relate and sympathize here stress is a huge factor for me & I totally get the annoying hubby & diet to. The diet has been extremely hard for me I don’t have it right yet.and with a baby in the house I’ve learnd there’s really no way to keep up

I agree with all the above advice deep breathing is great! I do this often, just sitting and doing this with a cup of peppermint tea helps me, I understand its tough to just sit with a baby to mine will just jump all over me trying to hug me but in the process pull my hair & bite me and she b hurting me 2 !

I think my stress is worse from candida this may b the case with u as well hopefully when die off ends we will feel better!

If u are religious prayer always helps and reminding yourself constantly this isn’t forever. Do anything else u enjoy and take comfort in small things like cuddling your children or taking a bath. I love blasting my music and I couldn’t clean a thing without loud music.