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If you increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut, this will allow you gain weight because you will have a greater surface area within the gut. Prebiotics and probiotics do this.

Completely agree! Don’t focus on more bread or avocados, just focus on healing your gut. Your weight will normalize itself.

I came to my Candida diagnosis partially because I couldn’t lose weight. I started the strict diet last May. I stuck to the diet from May until December without losing one pound! Then in the month of December my weight started dropping, quickly and it hasn’t stopped, and I’m thrilled because I’m carrying 50 pounds of new momma fat around.

So if calories in and calories out and eating more or less avocado really applied here then I should have lost weight much sooner. I really believe that my weight loss started when my gut was healthy enough to get the nutrients from the food I ate. I did nothing to change my diet.

Yes, I see that your trying to gain weight, it seems that everyone around here is either too fat or too thin, so it goes both ways.