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I would look at a few factors:

1)The amount of experience they possess. Someone who has practiced medicine for 30 years is way better than someone who has done it for 5 years.

2)Amount of education they possess and quality of school. How many teachers did they learn from outside of school? Where are these teachers located?

3)Customer referrals from friends/family/etc.

4)The product lines they carry in house; I would make sure they carry some of the best brands including thorne, integrative thereaputics, standard process, pure encapsulations, and unda/seroyal (homeopathic brand). The higher quality the product, the more money it costs. Also make sure they have a strong understanding of herbal formulas and herbs in general.

5)Whether they have treated someone successfully for candida previously or not. If this is their first time I would not waste your money.

6)Whether they are knowledgeable about chelation and procedures. I would make sure they are familiar with many of the most popular chelation agents such as ALA and the other ones dvjorge talks about. Glucosothione is another major one.

7)Testing. If they require a bunch of testing to determine what is going on I would not waste the money unless you are worried about having a major disease or immune disorder, etc. A good naturopath should be able to treat you without testing, saving you some dough. If they suggest one test such as one of the candida tests Dr. Mcoombs recommends (metametrix) or a stool test, this should be all that is required for a diagnosis.

8)Ask them about some of their success stories. Have they dissolved tumors before? Have they treated people with level 4 cancer?

9)Be wary of a single “solution product.” Some quack docs say they have one supplement that will heal you and this is quackery.

10)Are they following the latest research? Some are and some are a decade behind.

11)They should generally provide a diet that is similar but less strict than the forum diet (more like the website diet). If the diet they suggest seems off then don’t trust them (some say wheat and milk are ok).

12)Personal results. If you are not healing and getting results immediately then it isn’t worth it.

If you get frustrated I can forward you my naturopath’s info.