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Here’s some things I would consider mentioning:

-I have unhealthy gut flora, and the health of a person lies in their gut. If you can get the flora of your gut healthy, you can get the body healthy as well.

-I am allergic to the following types of foods: processed foods, dairy, molds, sugar, yeast, pork, beef, etc. People can typically understand food allergies.

-I have a chronic yeast infection and this is how to fight it…

-I took antibiotics and destroyed the flora in my gut. Antibiotics stand for “against life” and destroy both the beneficial and bad bacteria in my gut. Some bacterial species in my gut may never return. The opposite of antibiotics is probiotics which stand for “pro life.” Probiotics only grow in environment that is conducive for their growth.

I personally found that education can empower someone and this will allow you to better explain what it is you are fighting and how to do it. Dr. Mcoomb’s is a great source to learn about candida if you are just starting out:

Don’t follow his plan though, the basics of it are found in the protocol…