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What do you mean by “the real deal,” exactly? Tofu is obviously pretty indigenous here, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been westernized.

I imagine that most any soy product produced in your country would be authentic; however, there are doubts and questions as to the fermentation process of some American made soy products.

How bad would pickled vegetables be? I know vinegar is a no-no… Or how about kimchi that’s guaranteed to contain apples, grape juice, and sugar?

Vegetables pickled in distilled white vinegar could possibly cause Candida reactions in some people. As far as apples, grape juice, and sugar all eaten at one time goes, the degree of damage would no doubt depend on the degree of your infestation at that time. In other words, none of us can say for certain, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a benefit to you.

The chicken breast is a good suggestion, although it would require a special order from a nice, sit-down restaurant. What I’m looking for is food that I can just grab and eat and will only set me back by a few days, vs. a few weeks. In other words, if I find myself stranded in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and my only choice is a McDonald’s, should I go with the chicken nuggets and pull off the breading, or a burger and just eat the patty, lettuce, and onion? Or should I scout out some generic, non-organic yogurt with no sugar added? Cross my fingers and pray I can find a fruit stand that sells green apples?

A Granny Smith apple would be a good choice; otherwise, fresh vegetables would be my choice. I have no idea what a McDonalds menu looks like, but I’ve heard enough about how their foods last forever without the food decaying, and I don’t think I’d want those chemicals in my body.