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Deb wrote: .But I can’t tell if I’m killing any Candida because the only die-off symptoms that I know of are the headaches (or they are from lack of caffein, as a cup of coffee will get rid of the headache). Does it sound like I’ve done ANYTHING right, or am I just engaging in wishful thinking?

Deb, listen to me, you are doing absolutely fantastic, and I would PAY to have all of the forum’s members to do as well as you have in just 33 days, please believe me on that one.

I can give you exactly nine (9) reasons that tell me you’re doing perfectly well with the treatment – and that the Candida albicans you have ARE dying. And all you have to do is look at your own list of the changes you’ve noticed. Every one of those is a clue as far as how you’ve conducted the treatment laid out for you. You can believe that with a Candida treatment, the results tell the tale, and with these we really don’t have to ask you what you’re doing at all, because we know by these results that you’re doing it ‘right’ as rain, because, with only 33 days into the treatment, these are fantastic results. Do you realize how many people do not experience half the clues that you have to show that the treatment is working?

Another thing, you can believe that, if you have these changes, then the Candida are absolutely dying by the thousands. What most people can’t realize is just how many ultra-billions and even trillions of Candida albicans actually make up an infestation, and how, even though you’re continually killing them, with their numbers they are still multiplying; but the good part is, you’re killing them faster than they’re multiplying, otherwise there would be no changes at all and you would actually be listing an increase in Candida symptoms instead of the changes you’ve named.

For the weakness and weight loss, I can tell you the one thing you need to do, and that is to add more calories. If you’re eating the coconut flour bread, then add a few more slices a day. Also, eat more yogurt and kefir as well as avocados; if you’re eating these you can eat at least one every day and two a day now and them, and you can also add another tablespoon or two of coconut oil every day. More calories are all you need to add in order to stop the weight loss and help with the weakness. Also, some of the weakness may be stemming from die-off, so are you taking molybdenum every day?

With your permission, I’d like to post your message under a different subject line so that other members can see some very positive results after such a short period.

By the way, every single person who starts this treatment has slip-ups, so stop beating yourself up over the few you made, got that?

Thanks for the positive post.