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Thanks, Able. What a positive, encouraging reply!! I just wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right because I had expected to feel like crap (die-off symptoms), but I really don’t. Well, now, thanks to you, my confidence has been restored and I’m all jazzed about it again.
I’ll take your advise about adding more calories. I haven’t yet tried the brans that Raster suggested, but they are now on my shopping list.
No, I’m not taking the molybdenum every day. Here is the reason: A while back I had posted a question on the forum asking for advise on my extreme dry mouth symptom. You had answered saying that it could possibly be the detox drops. To be sure, I eliminated everything (detox drops, molybdenum, lemon water, bitters, and vegetable broth) for a few days. Then I started re-intoducing them one at a time, for a few days each. So far, I have re-introduced detox drops, bitters, and broth. No dry mouth yet!! I’ll start the molybdenum again in a day or two. (Able, you had told me that I no longer needed the detox drops, but upon further research, I’ve decided to take them for a few more weeks. Do you see a problem with this?)
Yes, you have my permission to move the post where you’d like.
Thanks again for the much needed “boost”!