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i think im gonna do the brown rice once a wk and a green apple or blue berries .not being able to function at work is really getting to me im obviously withdrawn ,spaced out to the point where im not even working right making mistakes everywhere !and im so weak i cant even turn a patient over right im just a mess really .

i told my coworkers im not feeling well but they are not going to understand im not going to be feeling well for a long period of time ,i also said i have an allergy and cant eat alot of foods ,i can tell they are frustrated with me and i feel awefull about it because i am not doing my job properly i sat on the couch for like 2 hrs with a horrible headache feeling to weak to move and then when i did get up to start rounds on patients i was slow ,irritable,and full of mistakes and could barley turn over pateints to change them or put there medication patches on !

i work as a nurse aid in a hospital and lately they have me on the elderly rehab ward but they move me around sometimes i could not do er room in this state i may ask to stay where i am since it is less stressful and more routine .either way i have to get it together and i cant seem to do that !i have to be able to function at work and this is not helping me follow the diet .