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u mayb i can order the bars online ?i dont have access to anything like that ,thanks
i think the cheat a wk should be a lil more healthier than something sweet anything with sugar is worse for u than sumthing with yeast so if u ate bread instead it would b better than u eating any form of sugar .the bars seem like an acceptable cheat id love a link if they can be bought online thanks !

Okra i dont smoke cigs i stopped that when i was preggo along with weed and then pickd up smoking weed again after the baby .never went back to cigs thank God .I agree its def better to go all the way with the diet and thats what i want to do ,im just really having a hard time and at work is very hard i see people with coffe and want to steal it !Im thinking mayb if i once a wk do blue berries or brown rice something not really bad and i like the idea of trying to take that out when the cravings are less .I am sure bingeing isnt helping my cravings and making my die off worse its ridiculous i have to stop that !!!thank u !