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I have cocoa bars with stevia, no sugar, 15 grams of carbs. Doesn’t taste exactly like chocolate but it will do. My naturalpath has cured many bacteria and yeast overgrowth problems and I’ve talked to her cured patients so I trust her saying to have a cheat meal of pretty much anything but yeast is fine. I came from a diet of crazy high carbs being Italian to chocolate and ice cream everyday. After starting the diet for a month I became real depressed. So looking forward to one meal is satisfying to me. Even if it delays progress. But I know if some people cheat they feel terrible, or breakout or anything. I don’t feel any different. I bloat no matter what I eat and I just started the cheat meal for two weeks now. I eat the prebiotic coconut cake and it tastes good. Other then that meat and veggies. That recepie above looks good