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Vegan Catlady
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AngelaL;56137 wrote:

Interesting post. About this time last year I was doing quite well on a diet written some years ago – (‘Beat Candida through diet’ by Gill Jacobs) when I started to panic due to emails I was receiving from LR and other candida experts, and also what I read on internet forums. I was allowed to eat some potatoes, apples and bananas in small quantities, yoghurt and goat cheese on this diet (the author’s big idea is basically food combining, ie you can eat protein/ carbohydrate on the second stage but not together. You could eat rice/rice noodles, quinoa and all the usual suspects though if you made something like a chicken curry you had to eat it with something like cabbage)

Anyway I started to panic and worry that I was ‘feeding my candida’ by following an outdated regime. Before long I was all over the place, trying to stick to diets which were impossible and ending up popping into McDonalds or Burger King on the way home because I was starving.

I may just go back to this diet, maybe updating it to include coconut milk/oil and kefir. Like most high maintenance diets it was hard work but the recipes were delicious and after a few weeks on it I was buzzing with energy. I think you’re right and sometimes we need to trust our instincts and what works for us and not be so easily sidetracked!

Thanks AngelaL,
there are definitely different ways to this, and not one way works for everybody.

In the beginning, before I knew what I was dealing with, it was super helpful to find The Candida Diet and follow it to get some relief. Brainfog doesnt make decision-making easier!

Hitting The Candida Diet for a few weeks to get my head straight and feel some relief was a life saver for me. If I didnt have a list and a set of rules, then I was all over the place. But its just not meant to be followed long-term for many of us.

I think the point is to get the body to do the healing, not rely on supplements and antifungals long term. The body is smart, it begins to stop making the things it needs to get well because it can detect levels of say,vitamins or enzymes or hormones that we put in over time consistently .

Eating well is necessary for the immune system to function, this requires calories,carbs,nutrients in FOOD,and I think the most important thing is a good attitude/peace of mind…the mind-body connection is IMO the biggest factor of all.

Over all, listening to our bodies cant be beat, not by any doctor or diet.