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drew_r;56184 wrote: Thank you that is very encouraging I never thought I would even like eating veggies on a frequent basis but I do but after 6 months of starting this I love it! lol so many things you can do and my cravings for sugar or anything sweet have completely gone away, but I was getting the feeling I should add in a bit more carbs after my mom made some comments about me being too skinny now. As far as fruits go, I haven’t had any since I started doing this in Sept because I noticed that whenever I would things such apples, strawberries, pears etc the itchiness and rashes increased so fruits were one of the first things I slowly weened myself off of in the beginning, but I’d be willing to try again start off with something simple like berries as you suggested and see how I feel. I’ve been looking into buying some teas that can help with detoxing so I’ll sure to look for yogi tea when I make my next round to the whole foods store. I guess it’s all about adding variety by rotating food items especially with grains and flours so you’re not eating the same things all the time because as stated previously the candida will adapt regardless even when doing a low carb diet.

Its no secret that I am against low carb diets lol but I know that everyone is different 🙂

I lost weight in the beginning because I omitted alot of regular foods like potatoes or pasta and thought I had to live on broccoli, but you wouldnt know it now.
You’ll come into balance.

Fruit gave me a sore throat at first, but little by little I kept re-introducing mixed berry smoothies because my ND told me they would get my lymph moving, which is crucial to health in general, and it worked.

Took time though.

I look forward to future-posts about what works in your recovery 🙂