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Ok so on Thursday, after about a month not eating any form of grains/flours I said fuck it and went and bought me some brown rice cakes. They were so good with the veggies I ate and I felt much better. I haven’t had a reaction so I think I really need to get my fear of “feeding the beast” and worry about feeding myself. I think my problem was an overcomsumption of grains/flours and not rotating enough in the beginnning so maybe that’s probably why I would start itching our of nowhere after awhile. My plan for this week is too slowly add things back in and see how I feel and rotate, but I was also wondering if it would be okay for me to add whole grain steel cut oats back in? I saw some in the pantry and was thinking I could add that to my breakfast tomorrow. When I first started the diet I would eat that for breakfast one day and the next day have an omelette and so on and I was fine, but when I starting increasing my consumption of the oats,quinoa,brown rice the problems started and this was around November. I’ve lost about 40 lbs since then and counting and I already have a tall/slender frame so you can see why kinda wanna take a different approach with this now so I don’t end up looking emaciated.