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Vegan Catlady
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drew_r;56174 wrote: @vegan catlady
I’m doing the diet and taking supplements. Right now I’m taking probiotics, natural antifungal supplements(ginger and garlic)digestive enzymes whenever I eat and a liver detox. My diet is pretty basic but I make the most of it. Lots of green veggies, rutabaga,avocdos, garlic, onions,eggs for breakfast(veggie omlets) chicken only 2-3 times a week and everything is mostly cooked with coconut oil or olive oil if I’m running low. I used to eat organic brown rice cakes as an occasional snack it never really gave me problems but whenever I would eat actual rice or quinoa with my meals or something as simple as oatmeal for breakfast I started noticing that my skin would start itching and would not subside for weeks and I would break out in rashes for days. It didn’t stop until I eliminated them from my diet. Just last week had to eliminate nuts as much as I didn’t want to because they would make me so bloated and itchy and I would always see it undigested in my stool so I soaked them as suggested and I was still having problems even when I taking the enzymes.

Damn near perfect, if you ask me!

Do you react to sour fruits? Like berries?

If its any comfort, I got to the point (only briefly) where I couldnt eat the same things, and within a month of natural antifungal foods its was noticeably better.

The only thing IMO I would add are more herbal teas, ones that encourage your kidneys to flush. Most commercial herbal teas flush the kidenys AND support the liver, Like Yogi Tea.
Not necessary, but might help things along.

I think you have made really good choices,if you want my opinion.