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train21;31605 wrote: Questions in the title, how much kefir must I eat a day in order for it to work properly. I will try to make my own, but sometimes that is hard and would like to get store bought kefir, how much of this stuff must I consume for it to work?

I think it’s probably possible to overdo anything, even the good things. Use your common sense and the way you feel after drinking kefir to determine the final amount that you decide on for a day’s intake.

The most important thing to remember is to start slowly with only a few swallows just in case you react to it. By the end of a week you should be able to handle an entire glassful as long as it presents no negative reactions. You may experience a few digestive discomforts with kefir, especially in the beginning as your intestines adapt to the beneficial bacteria it will supply. In different situations, it can be a very powerful force in the intestines.