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RYANCREST;43909 wrote: How many billion probiotics a day are you taking? My doc, wanted be to just take 30 billion. Ive been taking 90 billion instead.

A doctor will never tell you to take enough probiotics to make a difference in the Candida population.

Try to imagine this ratio; 1,000,000 cells, that’s a million cells of beneficial bacteria to 1 single cell of Candida albicans. That’s where you need to be for the bacteria to overcome the Candida in order to stop the infestation from multiplying and therefore stopping the process of destroying your immune system. This should help you to understand why it’s so important to reestablish the flora in the intestines and rebuild the immune system so that you can eventually heal your infestation, and that will take a higher number than 90 billion.

By the way, concerning your other post inquiring about adding new foods; if this is all the probiotics you’ve been taking, in my opinion you’re not even close to being able to add foods that the Candida can survive on such as pears (fructose). The number one reason that the infestation returns is people adding the wrong foods and adding them much too early.