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I have never heard of this product called enshake but if it contains sugar, then I wouldn’t consume it. Instead, as an alternative, I would consider trying out homemade kefir.

The thing thats funny about it (or sad) is that you cannot find the ingredients online, maybe because its from the uk and not us.

The seizures are related to your neuro-membrane and somehow you are depleting this. All of the refined carbs (white sugar, white grains, corn, etc) destroy this portion of the brain and the biproduct of this is that your spinal fluid does not drain correctly. To get the spinal fluid to drain correctly, you could do acupuncture, or you can take specific supplements such as essential fatty acids, homeopathics, etc. Also, if you have mold in your home, this alone can cause seizures.

How do I know all of this? Well I once had nightly seizures too, very suddenly, and it was caused by the mold, my poor diet, and yeast combined. Once I moved out, changed my diet, etc. my seizures went away. However a year later they came back and so I then started to heal my brain and get the spinal fluid to drain correctly. I haven’t had a seizure since other than when I drink alcohol which is maybe twice a year at this point.

Another problem you have is related to toxicity, and more specifically, related to the toxins that both candida and parasites produce. To reduce the toxicity of the body, you need to detox. The best method to detox is by sweating out the toxins via the bodies largest organ, the skin, and a great way to do this is by doing a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room, etc. You can also detox by supporting your liver with herbs such as milk thistle, etc. Here is a link about ways to detox:

I’d consider cutting out the bacon and replacing it with chicken or fish which digest in hours, whereas the bacon takes days to digest.

The milk isn’t good because it contains lactose which converts to sugar essentially, so I would replace with something like kefir which contains probiotics.

What you need is a specialist who can treat gut flora disorders and help you get out of this delicate state, but of course this would cost money, etc..hundreds of dollars per month.

The two products that eliminated my seizures were super neurogen and E3AFA. I also take homeopathics at night time. These each cost quite a bit of money.