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Hi and thank you very much for your replies

The product I’m taking is on this website

I drink it with lactose free milk

The one I used to drink ensure two had even more things in it like sugar maltodextrin corn syrup

I didn’t know that about bacon that it takes to digest
I’m also trying to start eating organic food as I’ve read chicken and eggs can contain antibiotics

I am from the UK and things aren’t greatly accessible over here, I wish I had the money to see a naturopath I don’t even know how I would get my hands on an antifungal like nystatin/diflucan

Im terrified to take any antifungal even garlic I’m scared it would literally kill me I don’t mind pain or headaches or any die off reaction id deal with I’ve been through so much suffering I’m used to feeling like total crap, but I couldn’t handle not being able to breathe and i dont know how anything would affect me, as I have trouble breathing when eating food sometimes and I’ve heard diflucan etc can damage the liver

I’m worried therefore if I never work up the courage to try an antifungal I’ll never get rid of candida, obviously if I took an antifungal and I had a terrible reaction it would probably confirm candida

Do you recommend prescription antifungals or natural?

Thank god the seizures have decreased so much they are the most horrible thing ever, I was actully exposed to a bad mold infestation in my old house for a year 2x years ago I believe this probably started all this damage 🙁

I do take a hot bath and I scrub myself down with a loofah after soaking and then rinse all the toxins off in a shower afterwards this leaves me exhausted but I always feel much better afterwards and that night and the next day

I am thinking about buying Epsom salts but again I’m wary in case how my body reacts I just dont trust my body with everything I’ve gone through

I also want to take probiotics but read that lactobaccilus contains good bacteria and yeast I’m wondering will that not make it worse? I also read kefir contains yeast

Should I start with cutting out all the enshake drinks and just take a multivitamin, probiotics and vegEPA? I’ve read this is good for brain

Would anyone be able to advise whether these look good products?