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Hello, and welcome to the forum.

Quote: “my allergies are horrible.”
The increase both in the strength and number of your allergies was caused by adrenal fatigue, not unusual with Candida, especially a long-standing infestation. Weakened adrenals are not able to produce enough cortisol which would normally counteract the allergy reactions, and as stated, it can also cause an increase in the number of allergens as well. Digestive Grape Bitters, an herb by the name of Ashwagandha, and nettle leaf are all helpful in building up the adrenals. In addition, if you are quite stressed over your situation, this can also be a drain on the adrenals. Acetyl-l-carnitine is good for reducing stress.

Quote: “… can I start probiotics right away if I take them at different times than the antifungals?”
If you haven’t been on the diet at all, then you need to be on it for at least a week before starting the probiotics or the antifungals. There’s a very good reason for this; if you’ve not been on the diet at all, then going on it will more than likely cause die-off symptoms, and sometimes depending on the degree of your infestation, this can be almost debilitating. Adding both antifungals and the probiotics will triple the die-off effect. This can not only make you feel deathly ill, but it’s very toxic and dangerous to your body. There are products which will lessen the effects of die-off, and I suggest you purchase one or both of these as soon as possible since you’re about to start the diet. Candidate from Native Remedies and Molybdenum are two of the best products available for die-off symptoms.

Quote: “This is what I will start tomorrow: strict diet eliminating all starch, alcohol, sugar and caffeine.”
In addition to what you’ve listed, I doubt you’ll ever conquer your Candida infestation unless you eliminate all wheat products and all diary as well (eggs are not considered diary).

Are you using psyllium husks or the powder form? Psyllium husks are very hard on the intestines because of the sharpness and hardness. It may also cause bloating, so be prepared.

Quote: “… how long do you guys think this will take? 3 months? 6 months? A year? Forever?”
No one can answer this for you. Every treatment is different as it depends on the degree of the infestation as well as the dedication of the person with the infestation. But curing a Candida infestation is possible and it doesn’t have to take ‘forever’ or even a year to do so.

Are you still taking vitamin D, and if so, what is the dosage? Is it vitamin D3 or regular D?