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Able, I saw you mentioned the connection between D deficiency and candida. Do you know if candida causes D deficiency or if D deficiency makes you more susceptible to candida?

I was speaking to a woman today who has successfully done the candida diet. She suggested I eliminate a few things at a time rather than all at once. So, for example, days one, two and three, eliminate all grains and gluten and alcohol and sugar. Days four, five and six, also eliminate fruit. Days seven eight and nine, also eliminate dairy, after that, eliminate caffeine. Then, one week later, add the antifungals, then a week after that, add probiotics. She thinks this is easier on your system than eliminating it all at once.

What do you think about this suggestion?

Dear Alby,

Able will probably have more info because he has loads of experience as well as loads of knowledge, however I can answer a couple of your questions I think. You wrote: I saw you mentioned the connection between D deficiency and candida. Do you know if candida causes D deficiency or if D deficiency makes you more susceptible to candida?

Vitamin d deficiency makes you more susceptible to candida, vitamin d is very important for many functions in our body, skin just to mention one. If you read the posts between Able and myself entitled thank you able you will find a world of information, obviously candida has different reactions with different people, however I think the basis is the same, especially the diet. I lived in the most southern part of Europe, that is Malta and about 3 years ago I moved to the Netherlands. When I was in Malta I already had candida but was not sure and did not know what to do about it. When I moved to the Netherlands which is a dull grey country for most part of the year my candida got worse because of the lack of sun, hence the huge lack of vitamin D.

With regards to elimininating foods gradually, I read in other posts that some of us cannot handle removing all foods at one so they weaned themselves off bit by bit and I see that the suggestion you were given is relatively fast. I would say listen to your body and your intuition, monitor exactly how you are feeling, watch for signs and symptoms anf eliminate as you go along. I read in your posts that you might have had candida for a very long time, so I would eliminate everything at once but thats just me. I also think that eliminating everything at once can cause huge die off and that is very unpleasant not to mention toxic for your body. Able has probably already mentioned a couple of remedies for die off i.e Molybdenum and Candidate from Native Remedies, they will help counter die off.

After you have eliminated everything and are on stage one of the diet, it is recommended that you keep a diary of all the foods that you introduce on a daily basis. The reason for this is so that you know exactly what causes symptoms and what doesnt. It is also important to stay on stage 1 of the diet for more than 3 weeks as is suggested on this site. The reason being that rerintroducing foods prematurely can cause you to relapse, so stay on stage one of the diet for as long as you dont feel anymore symptoms and I MEAN NONE WHATSOEVER, then stay on diet for a month or so to make sure. I apologise if that sounded hard, candida is a tenacious organism and I imagine that its got quite comfortable and cushy in our systems. I mean who wouldnt want to have such a fine living room, food galore and warmth. So to eliminate it we have to be persistent and also militant at times.

With regards as to when adding antifungals and probiotics, since you will bew eliminating foods but will not be doing the cleanse, I would say that you can start taking both the probiotics and the antifungals together from the very beginning, however I would start with small doses, once again so that you wont cause yourself discomfort through die off. I introduced the antifungals in the 2 nd week of stage 1 of the diet, i started with 4 drops of oil of oregano, i.e 2 drops twice a day, two organic goat yogurts a day and a few days later added kefir about 200 grams per day. As you progress you can increase dosage.

Thats all for now, I hope I could answer some of your questions, if not I am sure Able will make things clearer

Cheers and good luck