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Lukey;57924 wrote:


I appreciate your info.

What other fatty acids are there besides SF722?

In the 80s, I used to benefit from taking Twinlab MaxEPA emlusified fish oil for moods and ski, etc. For 10-20 years I have not been able to tolerate fish or flaxseed oil. If I take it, the eczema on my scalp get immediately much worse. Can you tell me why?

I feel that I’m in the process of turning it around in the next 14 weeks.
I feel optimistic about SF 722 especially.

I’m supposed to take a fatty acid supplement that I think contains Borage and Fish oil later on in my therapy. I feel that I’m most likely deficient in Omega 3s, though I eat sardines once or twice a week. I wish I knew why fish oil upsets my eczema so fast. It’s got to be candida or other parasites that have yet to be controlled.


Though not as abundant in Omega 3 as fish oil, you could try including avocado and nori seaweed into your diet as other sources along with your weekly sardines. Krill oil is another possibility though I’m not sure if it’s allowed on the diet and you may react to that as well since maybe seafood triggers your eczema? I have eczema too and tolerate fish and fish oil just fine but everyone has different triggers. I’m a bit surprised tbh since fish oil is suppose to be an anti-inflammatory, and there’s some research suggesting fish oils help improve eczema for folks, though it hasn’t seem to do anything for me. Zinc has helped me more actually but it’s not completely clear. I’m considering looking into vitamin D3 for it.

Another product that Dvjorge has mentioned recently Lactofiltrum may help. It’s not an omega 3 source, but I saw that the product is suggested to help improve Seb Dermatitis, and it’s also apparently good for Candida because it’s a part prebiotic (Lactulose) and an entero-absorbent (Lignin).

Another source of fatty acids that are antifungal is the popular coconut oil.