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A good sinus protocol would be to use a natural antifungal like gse (theres several people that have blogged about this, if you want more ideas on antifungals) with edta, is doesnt take a whole lot, in a nettie pot. Or edta in a nettie pot followed by an antifungal in a sprayer or nebulizer. Use that in the morning and probiotics in the evening. I just used the same probiotics I was taking orally, maybe half a capsule. When you use the nettie pot, while its still pouring, plug your nose, remove the pot, and roll your head around every which way, leaning forward, upside down, sideways, being careful not to let it run down your throat for a few minutes. It takes a couple times to get in the swing, but its not that difficult. Every day for a couple of weeks, then maybe 2 or 3 times a week until its no longer an issue. Make sure you use a warm saline solution as a base. I used distilled water with sea salt, less irritating.

If you dont know your vit d level, stick with 3000 iu a day, max would be 5000, D3 form. Use that with a vit A supplement from a natural fish liver source.