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Hi, Able900

Please can you send me a copy of the strict diet. It’s just that I want to ensure that what I am eating is correct. I’ve been doing the diet for 3 months now but still suffering, I have since looked on the forum to see where I am going wrong and have found lots of things I need to correct. Since everyone mentions the strict diet I want to know what it is.

Not sure how long I have had it for could be 3 to 8 years or more.

Symptoms allergies hypersensitivities to everything and to any thing that smells especially perfumes and chemicals, asthma, sinusitis, post nasal drip, allergic rhinitis, hay fever, constipation, bloating, vaginal thrush, feeling full all the time weight loss,, insomnia, stress, anxiety. Unfortunately I take steroid inhaler and nasal spray. Also due to sinus infections have had too many antibiotics and poor diet and too much sugar. Iam also taking antihistamines and singulaire for asthma.

I am taking lots of vitamins, psyllium husk and for the candida, candida support, oregano oil, Caprylic acid, garlic tablets, and at time grapefruit seed extract. Also taking the healthy origins probiotics suggested on the website and homemade kefir.

I have a few questions:
I never did the detox cleanse when I started, do I have to do this? It’s just that I have lost tones weight over the last 3 months and I can’t loose anymore. I was already underweight to begin with. Any tips to gain weight quickly that I can have at stage 1?

When having bobs red mill oat bran for breakfast what milk can I use?

If want buckwheat for breakfast what do I buy groats, flakes or some other type? Do they have to be roasted?
If buy bobs red mill buckwheat what do I buy the groats, kasha (roasted buckwheat kernels) or creamy buckwheat (wholegrain buckwheat)?

The coconut milk, what type do I need to buy? Is it the condensed creamed coconut that comes in a block or the coconut cream or tinned coconut milk? I know you mention coconut manna is there an alternative? Or is the blue dragon creamed coconut block? Or is this one ok Ok to have ?

Can I have tahini in the hummus recipe at stage1?

What seeds can I have? I understand that hemp is ok, what about flaxseed, linseed, sesame seeds and water melon seeds? Can I have seeds at stage1?

What snacks can I have and any good for weight gain?

Am I allowed organic unsalted butter? If so can have what I like or do I need to use it sparingly?
When can I incorporate hemp protein powder? And what do I put it in?

Can I use apple cider vinegar as much as I want every day or do I need to be careful?

What else can I have apart from buckwheat instead of brown rice for my evening meal?

When having buckwheat for evening to replace brown rice what do I buy groats, flakes or some thing else? Do they have to be toasted?

If you suggest only having chicken or fish 3-4times a week what else can I have for the other times?

What is good for gaining weight to have for lunch?

I have a bad habit of not alternating my breakfast and lunch, get stuck eating the same thing, any suggestions?

Do I have to take the suggested supplements for die off? I can’t access the die off without molybdenum page?

What can you recommend for stress and anxiety and insomnia?

If doing oil pulling for mouth, if use sesame oil is it ok that it has been toasted?

Sorry for all the questions, but I just want to get my diet right this time.

Many thanks lucy loo