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Hello Lucy,

Here is a copy of the new strict diet I created:

You are taking a lot of antifungals. What are you taking to protect your liver and kidneys from die-off toxins. The antifungals won’t cure you, they just reduce and kill the candida numbers.

The cleanse is not necessary, it barely makes a dent in the candida and doesn’t really do much in terms of fighting the infestation.

Oat bran contains gluten so it might be best to look for alternatives. You can’t have any milk on the diet but if its raw milk it would be best.

Butter is a dairy item and not allowed on the diet.

Teff is great for weight gain.

Seeds contain molds and you shouldn’t consume most of them until stage 2-3 of the diet. Flax seed and hemp are generally OK.

ACV is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, etc. and could be killing beneficial bacteria. If you consume it, only consume the raw unfiltered unpasterurized kind.

Buckwheat Groats and cream of buckwheat are ok on the diet. You can use the flour for baking

Here is raster’s die-off post:–will-edit-more-in-time.aspx

I wouldn’t consume roasted sesame oil and would look to alternatives such as olive oil.

I recommend consulting a naturopath who can help you with your various ailments. You have a more complicated case than the average person because of asthma, allergies, stress, anxiety, etc.