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Truth_T3ller;58354 wrote: I mean if you have the funds, time and perseverance too then i could see it being possible, but that ridiculous diet is well…….. ridiculous for the average person, especially one who isnt doing so well financially. especially if they dont have the time. there has to be another way.
I would never be able to keep a diet like that not in the current position im in, even if i were, i would probably fall short either way because of my cravings……….. there has to be another reasonable way.

Can i not just take extra probiotics and anti-fungals(natural and prescribed) to get rid of it, while still eating the same foods, but i will limit those foods to a minimum if anything. I couldn’t see myself not eating some of those restricted foods at all……. but again i wouldnt be able to keep a diet like that, whether it be a month, a year or my whole life.

EDIT: Also I think SIBO(Small intestine bacteria overgrowth) and candidiasis are one in the same, one leads to the other basically. So i think I would aslo have to keep a SIBO diet, which is even more ridiculous.

From my understanding there really isn’t much difference between a SIBO diet and an anti-candida diet. It should be pretty easy.

One thing you could do is purchase foods when they are on sale and this saves on money. Some items are cheaper online too. If you live in oregon, you could go to the bob’s red mill store and buy 60 pound bags of grains/flours and then you are stocked up for a year…for instance get a few 25 pound bags of rice and there is a food supply for a year or two. You’ll save tons that way. They got it all. Or if you live on west coast, drive there and stock up.

Then start a garden and grow a bunch of veggies. I started a garden this year with a variety of types of lettuce and I get a free salad or two worth the lettuce every week during the summer. Some stuff you can grow from seeds and that is even cheaper. Some plants can be created from starters or roots, etc.

Costco also has great deals sometimes with organic foods. For instance in september/october my pumpkin puree goes on sale and I get a one year supply of it (make the bread every week). They also have olive oil cheaper than anywhere else I have seen.

If you prepare your meals once a week or month, you could freeze it and thaw it later. This is a perfect thing to do with soups and similar dishes.

Ethnic food is much healthier than american food and look at these recipes for inspiration. Most chinese food is ok minus the soy sauce and rice and sugar…most african food is fine on the diet, and most indian food is fine on the diet.