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Keep in mind that you cant detox very well right now. Stirring up mercury with an inability to excrete is asking for trouble. Glutathione still plays a VERY important role when chelating with those compounds. Study phase 1/ phase 2 liver detoxification, all the pathways involved, and the importance of glutathione in that process. Now take out the glutathione (from the blood as well) and thats what you’re dealing with. Play it safe, especially with mercury. Introducing sulfites and ammonia is only going to tie up more glutathione and make things much worse as well, on the kidneys too. I know Cutler believes in using only double thiol attachment compounds, but you cant argue with the amount of absolutely safe success that thousands of parents are having with their autistic children detoxing using the bodys natural processes. Better track record than Cutlers protocol by far. And a whole hell of alot easier on the kidneys too. Mercury is HARD on the kidneys, thats why the body dumps it off in the colon when it does it its own way.