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flailingWcandi;51272 wrote:
Yet, there is NO ONE WAY TO CURE CRC – every case is unique and individual. Some get lucky and “catch it early enough” to keep it from going systemically fungal. …

I agree, every case is unique. I was at my doctors yesterday and the nurse said, “people phone up and want to know our standard treatment for Candida. When I say there is no standard and each indiviudal’s history must be assessed before treatment, they get annoyed.”

In my case, I took anti-biotics as a Malaria prophylaxis for 4 years (Doxy every day low dose) and then I contracted Rickettsia Mooseri in Africa for which I took a huge regime of antibiotics. And now I am dealing with Candida. I am trusting I caught it early enough. This diet has been a positive step for me.

flailingWcandi;51272 wrote:
And, one last point: PRAY PRAY PRAY ….. Gdd Bless each and every one of you.

Amen, I pray every day. And I have some stories of how God has really helped me.