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flailingWcandi;51272 wrote:

My big point was that you dont have a candida problem, or a diet problem, YOU HAVE AN IMMUNE PROBLEM! Let me say that again, YOU HAVE AN IMMUNE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, thank you for your post – it comes from another door of thought about CRC – some very interesting points to add to my “to research list” – Even Dr. Crook’s The Yeast Connection, published 309 yrs ago in like 1985 mentions DHEA which eludes to hormonal imbalances, etc. which ties into your further detail neatly.

However, IMHO it might be prudent to understand the science behind CRC (Candida Related Complex – aptly named due to how “complex” the syndrome really is on a wide range of various topics – as it does effect just about every function of the body: when you get right down to it.

Let’s keep in mind EVERY ONE with CRC, genuine CRC HAS AN IMMUNE issue – that’s just a plain FACT.
60% to 70% of the body’s immune system is the proper harmonic balance of all the various components which make up a health GI tracts “FLORA” which includes yeast/candida naturally. In worst case scenarios, let’s say a CRC patient’s “immune system” (and all the hormones associated with such – complicated endocrine systems et al) – is now only functioning on 30% of peak capacity. Which is being overloaded with things like: leaky gut causing large particle food molecules to enter the blood stream so literally ALL FOODS the body is receiving too large and mounts a “FALSE POSITIVE” immune response to what is perceives as “an invader” – not that some nutrition isn’t absorbed, just very limited.

In many ways, you are on point and I totally AGREE with your input on DV JORGE – he’s spectacular and really has been a HUGE help to shortening my learning curve.

Yet, there is NO ONE WAY TO CURE CRC – every case is unique and individual. Some get lucky and “catch it early enough” to keep it from going systemically fungal. Others, such as myself have literally been “water boarded” (unknowingly, of course as I don’t think anyone enters the health field for any reason than a desire to help others, IF THEY CAN: sometimes the “industry” controls their time ability and they flat out fail a patient. In my case, a “TOP GI SPECIALIST” of high prestige determined I had Crohn’s and gave me immune suppressants. When that didn’t work, he ran a whole wide expensive range of blood tests and urine test, et al = the first thing to “pop up” was the immediate response to the TB skin pop test: FUNGAL TOXINS (mycotoxins) cause FALSE POSITIVES TO THE TB SKIN TEST – so here I was fresh out of being hospitalized from Gi swelling to the point of completely shutting/closing off my GI system (3 animals have literally passed away from the precise same maladay – two of them in my hands, so I know, ya dig?) and then threw not only ANTIBIOTICS which was in fact the major contributor to my CRC was ANTIBIOTIC ABUSE – no, this “AMAZINGLY TALENTED GI DOC” put me on the HARSH 4 ANTIBIOTIC ANTI-TB COCKTAIL -> that’s just a small peek into another sufferer’s “unique” set of circumstances.

What saved my butt was the VET COMMUNITY and my BELOVED BIRDS who I had to surrender to a Bird rescue which their vet would be over looking their health and treatment: besides, VET”S aren’t tainted by the brainwashing of BIG PHARMA and actually took blood tests BEFORE treating….do’H: their medical records were “the key which unlocked the door” of what had been left up to “some mysterious Chronic GI Disorder” (Yeah, righttttt… I “invented some new disease”, give me a break! lol ). My BELOVED PARROTS HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY CURED AND READY TO BE PUT UP FOR ADOPTION!!!! – took only over 2 years of intense treatment and, what they had going for them was – THEY WERE NEVER GIVEN ANTIBIOTICS< never !!!! They had much healthier immune systems and it's well documented how Mycotoxins/CRC can be passed between "marital relations" as well as between "birds and humans" – this is a FACT, Jack ! 🙂

All, I’m saying is interesting info which I will have to research yet, wanted to throw “my two cents into this discussion” as there simply isn’t a SINGLE “CURE” which WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE. Please don’t give false hope – other than CRC is CURABLE and in the long run, isn’t a curse but, a blessing: as weird as that sounds, it really will be – healthier eating/living/et al at the end of each CRC patients individual “roller coaster ride” within their personal healing journey.

The best weapon is: KNOWLEDGE – don’t look to anyone as “your guru guide” – research, learn, study, put in the time to heal – yes it’s hard but, what is the alternative?

And, one last point: PRAY PRAY PRAY ….. Gdd Bless each and every one of you.

LOL I like your personality.

To be fair, I think I have stated about a million times that every case is individual and needs to be treated individually, some people will have this as a factor, others wont. I dont feel im at all giving false hope. If one understands how large of an impact this area of the physiology has on a persons susceptibility to infection and disease, how prevalent related genetic mutations actually are, and how much its all being stressed by todays toxic world and eating habits, then it becomes clear that it needs some attention and time in the spotlight and that proper treatment regarding can help alot of people. Especially some of those that have a real hard time getting over the hump. But I feel I have made it more than clear that its not a cure all. Just look up how big of an impact glutathione has on immune function and how much glutathione production depends on the methylation cycle. And how much cell replication affects the immune system and how large of an effect the folate cycle & SAMe levels have on that. Look up all the functions that SAMe has in the body and everything that is affected by it and imagine if you took a big hit there. You cant dispute it, you just cant. And like I previously said, it really affects roughly 25% of the population, and good luck to anyone that tries to work their way out of a hole without addressing and correcting their specific blocks if they have any.