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SugarIsBad;51200 wrote:
Can all this be tested through a urine analysis the same way as through a hair analysis (by using those “counting rules” and everything else)?

I spoke to my doc last week about a hair sample test. He said he could do it, but he said the “provoked and unprovoked” urine test was much more accurate. I am actually doing that tomorrow and Tuesday. He said the hair test was cheaper but if I was positive, he’d still probably want me to do the urine test.

Just to muddy the water a little bit (sorry), I read on the Mercola website that urine and hair test by themselves are not conclusive.
But then again he did link to another doctor who offers a further test. I am genuinely unsure about Mercola as he seems to offer products (sometimes his own brand) in his articles. So, the jury’s out on whether I trust this guy or not.