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Bansaw;51203 wrote:

Can all this be tested through a urine analysis the same way as through a hair analysis (by using those “counting rules” and everything else)?

I spoke to my doc last week about a hair sample test. He said he could do it, but he said the “provoked and unprovoked” urine test was much more accurate. I am actually doing that tomorrow and Tuesday. He said the hair test was cheaper but if I was positive, he’d still probably want me to do the urine test.

Just to muddy the water a little bit (sorry), I read on the Mercola website that urine and hair test by themselves are not conclusive.
But then again he did link to another doctor who offers a further test. I am genuinely unsure about Mercola as he seems to offer products (sometimes his own brand) in his articles. So, the jury’s out on whether I trust this guy or not.

Be careful with the provoked urine test, if your doctor plans on using an IV chelator. I would seriously hold off on it till you read further about the dangers of it. ALOT of people have been permanently screwed up by just that first provoking dose because it redistributes so many metals. Read Theres alot more out there than that. A good hair minerals test from doctors data or anylytical research labs interpreted using Andy Cutlers counting rules is supposedly quite accurate and has withstood the test of thousands of anecdotal accounts and case studies.