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Okay, first off you have no comt mutations which makes things a whole lot easier. That hetero CBS mut’s, particulary the c699t, is why you dont tolerate sulfur foods, that enzyme is an upregulation that funnels homocysteine out of the methionene cycle at a much higher rate. You are basically creating alot of extra ammonia, taurine, and sulfites/sulfates. Unfortunately there is no suox result to determine whether or not you are converting sulfites (toxic) into sulfates (good). Its a low sulfur/ cysteine diet for life for you. Get some sulfur test strips and use them regularly. Theyre no incredibly accurate but a good week to week comparison tool. SHMT- supplement folinic acid daily, hetero doesnt need much, maybe 200 mcg. VDR taq- means eat like a hypoglycemic basically, your susceptable to blood sugar swings and need to take good care of your pancrease. AHCY- not much you can do about that. BHMT- gets supplemented with tmg (trimethylglycine).

Now, on to the big ones. That MTHFR, well, they call that the M#@$#%@ [email protected]$%#$%R gene, with good reason. And your homozygous. Big holdup in the methylcycle. You cant methylate folate properly, which holds up the whole works, especially with having the BHMT holding up the shortcut path to forming methionine. Basically, your not making SAMe so your deficient in methyl groups everywhere. The MTRR means your not methylating B12, so youre not only short on SAMe, but mb12 as well. Well right now maybe not, because your mthfr is the bigger holdup, but as soon as you add in methylfolate you’re going to run out quick.