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Candi diet wrote: I´m again in first week and I have a lot of cravings and I i can´t resist. How can I saty more strong?

On thing that helps is to know that you are not the cravings. You experience them like rain on your head but you are not it. If you identify with the cravings its hard to be free. Watch them and you see they dont have power over you. You are ok. You dont need them. But dont fight what is. The trouble comes when you wish they would not be there. Switch on the light and you see the monsters disappear.
The light is the knowledge of what you are.

You know even that the cravings are the cravings of the candida. Now you can feed the monster if you like but then you have to suffer it. Its not a friendly beast to have around. So in the end its up to you if you want to be a puppet to the cravings of a evil doer or if you look at it and now that every time you dont feed it its dying.

Is that not a wonderful show to watch. So watch the cravings and be happy that the monster is dying.