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I had been on antibiotics for about 7 years. I had a skin condition called folliculitis(white pustules on scalp and face! disgusting I know). The antibiotics had become ineffective a few years. After changing antibiotics a few times I found one that was somewhat effective. But I decided that I want to be sure I could deal with this problem without antibiotics if need be, cause it was pretty serious. Upon doing more research I found that this problem is either caused by yeast fungi or bacteria. My die-off wasn’t too bad. Whenever I added a significant amount of coconut oil (.5 tbs), I would have flare ups for a couple of days. When I started probiotics die off was worse, a few days. No significant die-off from oregano oil, although I added that later. My face has actually cleared up without the use of antibiotics for the first time. There is rosacea on my nose that hasn’t gone away though. There are occasional flare ups but 75% cured I would say.

Thanks in advance!