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I just don’t think I can afford to buy a super high strength one at £30 a pop each month. Is there a cheap but good brand you could recommend for the UK? Or would it be better to buy a super high one to use for a week (eg Biocare’s seven day sachet replenish programme) and then go to a lower dose after that?

Hello, Rebecca.

In order to complete the treatment you’ll need a stronger probiotic. Let me explain the part that a probiotic plays in your treatment. The probiotic coupled with homemade kefir are the single most important components of your entire treatment. They’re more important than vitamins and antifungals; they’re even more important than the diet to be honest. The reason for this is really simple; you can complete the treatment without antifungals and without vitamins as these only make it easier to cure the infestation but they will not be the reason that a cure takes place. The reason you will reach a cure is going to be the beneficial bacteria which will come from the probiotics and kefir. They’re the only supplements that are capable of changing the environment of the stomach and intestines into a condition which cannot support the fungal form of Candida albicans, therefore, the infestation will eventually die out.

As you can see from this, you can do without the supplements and antifungals, but not without the proper probiotic. Read the post below so that you’ll know what to look for in a good probiotic when you can afford it.