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AngelaL;56109 wrote:
Going vegan for a week wouldn’t worry me if I was allowed to eat rice/tofu/nuts/lentils/sweet potatoes etc it’s the thought of just living on non starchy veg for 7 days that worries me. I want to heal my gut but not at the cost of severe malnutrition. OTOH once I’ve paid my hard earned cash for a diet regime I likely to follow it to the letter. Otherwise if it doesn’t work I will only have myself to blame!

You have to do whats right for you, and doing what is right for someone else wont feel good mentally or physically.

I only posted to let everyone who doesnt know (which looks like almost everyone who posted,lol) that non-starchy veggies have more protein than you need.
Broccoli alone has like 26% protein calorie/ratio wise.

I only wanted to quell the LIE that is the protein myth-
you cant become protein deficient on a veggie/fruit only diet.
NOT possible. At all. Everrrrrr.
Im raw vegan almost 3 years, NO alternative protein sources like powdered this or that, I didnt even do starches for most of that time! And I still am not at all protein deficient, skinny,undernourished, ect.
Your worried about ONE week, I did it almost 3 years 🙂

As a matter of fact, I have a 12 yr old who is vegetarian who is in gifted classes and taught himself trombone and french horn and went from beginners band to advanced (skipped intermediate) in only 5 months of picking up his first brass instrument ever.
He isnt malnourished 😉

My *only* point here is DONT WORRY,whatever you choose <3