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quick wrote: orka, are we not supposed to use Coconut Oil if we are still having dieoff from other anti-fungals?

Hi quick,

I am following the strict diet but am unable to follow the protocol that closely. I had a reaction to molybdenum and now am trying to do this without it. This means that I cannot have a lot of die-off so I am taking things slow. I had three episodes of very difficult die-off where I was bed bound for days. I really don’t want to go through that again.

So I guess I am doing it a little differently and taking my time. I would rather get rid of candida safely than suffer the larger consequences later. We all decide for ourselves how we are going to do this.

As long as I have mild die-off to something, I am not increasing it or changing it. This will take much longer but I feel it is safer for me and it will let me function and go on with my life while on the treatment. I did manage to get rid of most of my symptoms and am satisfied with things the way they are right now (and they are sooooo much better than three months ago) so I am in no rush. Right now natural antifungals (such as garlic, ginger, sesame, coconut crumbs etc.) are still killing the yeast and I will wait for those to stop working before upping antifungals to something more powerful. At the same time I am taking double probioitcs and try to feed them with prebiotics so this is my current plan.