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quick wrote: Thanks Orka, I definitely understand what you’re saying. I’m also in about my third month of this diet and I have seen great results, but I know there is still a lot of work to be done. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a hard time with die off, mine hasn’t been too bad which causes me concern.

Before I went on the diet I had some rashes on my forehead that went away pretty quickly after I started the diet, however, I’m just curious now as to whether I am actually doing enough to kill the candida. That’s part of the reason why I’m looking for a stronger antifungal.


Every infestation is different and our bodies are different, immune systems everything… I think you should be lucky that you don’t get much die-off as you really don’t want to have it. Some mild symptoms are good so you know things are getting taken care of but not much.

I believe that I have this problem since I was 15 (I am turning 40 in less than 2 months) so it’s probably going to be different for me. One positive is that half of this time I had candida overgrowth without really knowing I was eating right, exercising and drinking home made kefir daily. This probably saved me as I would have to deal with this in my twenties. After I had kids, I did not take car of me and having naturally lowered immune system got me where I am.

I don’t believe in to much die-off and all of that. These things take time so we should just be patient and slow recovery seems like a better, safer option and more likely to “stick” for a while. This is just my opinion. From everything I learned about this, I am sure there is no quick fix for it and I don’t even think about it in such a way.

Best of luck to you quick!