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I have done some traveling while on this diet – it’s tough, but not impossible! I would say just forget about restaurants! I know it will be really hard, but don’t even tempt yourself. You never know what things are cooked in, and that is one of the ways I got really sick when I was away from home once – had something with “natural flavors” that triggered a reaction and completely ruined a day of my vacation 🙁

If you have an apartment with a kitchen, you are so golden! You can just cook veggies everyday, and you can also have snacks to take around with you. When I was on tour, I ate a lot of avocados, veggies with yogurt dip (just mix some spices into plain Greek yogurt for easy deliciousness), and granola that I made at home and brought with me. I recommend packing spices from home to save $ and hassle. I basically travel with a mini-spice rack LOL!

If you have access to a blender, you can make soups and carry some with you in a coffee thermos.

Also, I second bringing some oat bran and buckwheat along for easy breakfasts.

It’s a pain but TRUST ME, it is so worth it to enjoy your vacation without feeling like crap!