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mygutleaks;49936 wrote: good question! one thing I was reading suggested keeping your glycemic index to between 45 & 50 at every meal. Here’s the link. It’s a long read but quite a good one – although when I posted it before, many said the treatment plan wasn’t a good one. but I think the other info is useful at least.

I’m wondering if being sugar free is something i’ll just have to do forever. I suppose it has to do with getting the immune system stronger and waiting until the spores are out of one’s system, which, according to this, can take 2 to 3 years. UGHHHHHH


I have read many of your recently posts and I am happy you are doing well. Just curious, have you implemented some type of antifungal retention enemas to target the colon ?

It may be a good idea to eliminate candida colonies in the lower part.