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goingnatural;43149 wrote: Well, this isn’t just an “online” condition, created by a bunch of hypochondriacs. This is a documented syndrome with decades of clinical history with a number of peer-reviewed journals out there. Educate him. Pull up journal articles. Pull up books written by Dr. Crook, Dr. Crandall, Dr. Truss, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Sehnert (Candida-Related Complex). Educate yourself. The more you understand it, I mean really understand it, the less you will need him (or anybody) to understand it. Allow your own healing to speak volumes to its authenticity.

Who knows maybe through this your relationship will get stronger, or maybe you will see something else.

All the best towards your healing.

Hes not doubting that its a real condition, he just doesn’t understand that medical doctors don’t really know much about it and he doesn’t believe in herbs and alternative medicine.
But yeah thats a good idea, maybe I’ll show him some books about it.

Able900;43141 wrote:

I did see a doctor a few years ago before I found out about all this candida stuff and what it actually was. The doctor basically kept giving me topical creams and pills in order to treat thrush. I told him what happened when I saw a doctor and that she had no idea how to treat it and didn’t really understand the underlying problem but his answer to that was that she must have not been a very good doctor and I should go see someone else.

So obviously he won’t be happy until you see another doctor, so do it, but this time make him go with you since it’s his idea.

The only thing is, I don’t want to waste my time and money on seeing a doctor about it just to prove something to my boyfriend, but if he doesn’t get it after I try explaining it to him again and showing him books and articles, I may just use that as a last resort.