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I would do the enzymes only after the cleanse if you do choose to take them.

Remember the cleanse only should last about a week at the longest; feel free to start the diet and not do the cleanse whenever you are ready.

Expect a long term recovery time frame to repair the gut, heal the organs, and to get over this beast. The cleanse won’t even come close to killing off all of the candida if you do have it. If you feel worse on the diet and cleanse, and get “flu-like” symptoms…you likely have a gut flora overgrowth or imbalance and the first part is typically hard. After about a few weeks to a month or so depending on how you progress, you should start to get over “die-off” symptoms and start to heal. Everyone heals at different rates, but you typically feel worse before you feel better.

Your body and candida are likely addicted to sugars, so it could be a hard adjustment.