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I have to disagree about the mucous production caused by chilis. Hot peppers are commonly used to thin excess mucous in the throat just as ginger is. I would think that hot sauce with it’s corn derived distilled vinegar, food additives and preservatives would be out of the question, but fresh sliced hot peppers cooked in food has to be another thing entirely. Unless there is a food sensitivity or allergy to peppers, I say eat as many fresh ones as you like.

For the original poster: saute onions and peppers in a little organic coconut oil before adding scrambled eggs to it. It makes eggs much more exciting – you can decide if you want your peppers to be bell or hot or both. You can really saute any veg before adding scrambled eggs to the pan and it is wonderful……spinach and asparagus are two of my favorites. You can also fry eggs or poach them and then use them to top salads, using the runny yolks as supplemental dressing. Fried eggs on top of quinoa pilaf* is a great meal, too. *Saute diced onions, garlic, peppers and celery in coconut oil until clear and then add quinoa and water. Cook until tender according to directions. The only hard part is making sure all veg is cut in about the same size pieces, but that gets easier with practice. To improve the flavor of veggies, try roasting them: You’ll find tons of helpful cooking videos on youtube…..