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I should have answered this sooner, sorry about that. This is what I have found. there is a brand of hot sauce called “Tapatio” I found it in a grocery store which caters to Hispanic people. It looks like a tabasco sauce. Its’ ingredients are; water, red peppers, salt garlic acetic acid, xanathan gum, and sodiam benzoate as a preservative. You can also use crushed red pepper flakes which happen to also be cayenne pepper when it ground into a powder. The best value price wise can also be purchased in the same store and is available in large 12oz containers cheaply. If you sprinkle it on food its good, but if you really want to bring out its’ flavor while dialing up the heat, cook with it. It seems that the sooner you add it to your pan the more intense the heat is. I like to vary how I use it just to change flavors.