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jamesb wrote: The brand of Probiotics I take warns against taking a hot drink to take the probiotic capsule saying that the hot liquid can kill the bacteria. This got me to thinking whether or not a hot drink taken at a different time to any probiotic can kill any good bacteria already in the digestive system, if so would this also extend to hot food (temp not spicy) ?

If you swallow the Probiotics down with cold water it will be ok. And if you drink later a hot drink I don’t think that it will be so hot any-more when it reach the guts.
Think about how hot a sip of coffe you can hold in your mouth, that surly would kill all the Probiotics but the same heat you will never tolerate in the throat or even stomach. I once got it down and it hurted like hell in the stomach. I never did that again. But I am sure when it reached the guts it was cooled down as my guts where not hurting.

Hot spices I have no idea about. Are they hot like hot coffee or do we feel them as hot. Are they warming up an area? If i pure very hot cyenne pepper on the table it will not have effect not even on the palm of my hand. But a hot cup of water will affect the table or the hand. I believe that hot spieces are another type of hot.

No back the word to the folks here who know about this stuff! 😉